Capacitive Sensors With Relay Output

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors on February 19th, 2010

Rechner’s Series 95 capacitive sensors with relay output are incredibly versatile level probes. The universal supply voltage range from 20…250 V AC/DC, the simple mounting and installation and the potential-free relay output are all key benefits for the user. Further advantages are provided by the integrated intelligent micro controller technology. This allows various options, like adjustable time relay (from 1 sec. up to 10 min.) and changeable on- or off-delay.

Rechner’s High Performance Technology is also incorporated into these sensors guaranteeing the best in quality and reliability. Moreover the sensors have a low power consumption of only 2 mA.

The sensors are available with body sizes of M 30 × 1.5, M 32 × 1.5 and in a slightly tapered smooth bodied sensor 32 mm in diameter.

The sensors are now available in PBT housings as well as the existing POM units. The PBT bodies also have similar excellent mechanical characteristics. The material used is flame-retardant and corresponds to the UL/CSA directives. The price benefit for PBT over the POM body is a welcome additional benefit for the user.

A PG36 pressure type connection is available as an accessory. The sensors can be connected to PLC’s or the user can connect directly for control purposes to a max. 1 A.

KAS 95 Series