LevelMaster – A Capacitive Level Sensor Detect Conductive And Adhesive Products

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors on April 30th, 2012

RECHNER Sensors have designed a new level control sensor to deal with the problems of conductive, adhesive liquids or pastes, in many cases a challenge for the manufacturers of these kinds of products. The LeveMaster sensor replaces the expensive and complex measuring systems frequently employed today to solve these measuring problems. The capacitive LevelMaster sensors are designed for the detection of liquids with a dielectric constant (DC) Er of > 1,25.

For the LevelMaster sensors the dielectric constant of the product is the focus of attention. For this reason it is important for the actual detection that the active surface of the sensor (PEEK tip) is in direct contact with the product to be detected. The sensor tip must be totally immersed in the product.

The LevelMaster Sensors are equipped with our proven EasyTeach Function. Both variants are available:

ET = EasyTeach by buttom
ETW = EasyTeach by wire

With EasyTeach the sensitivity adjustment for each application, is very easy and user-friendly, hence the name!

The capacitive LevelMaster sensors will reliably detect the level or existence of liquids, pastes or syrups, in containers, tube systems or pipelines. The wide range of possible applications would include the protection of pumps against running dry.
A wide variety of products can be detected. Examples are:

  • Vegetable oil, mineral oil
  • Vinegar, alcohol, water, beer, syrup, fruit concentrate. Even the foam of such products can be detected.
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
  • Many others

The same Rechner sensor will work with all the different materials listed above. It is not necessary do order different variants of sensors for the various products. This is a further plus factor in comparison to capacitive sensors currently available on the market. The advantages are obvious, safety of measurement, easy handling and moreover less stock holding.

The housing design complies with EHEDG requirements. The materials used are stainless steel (VA), material no. 1.4305 and Polyetheretherketon (PEEK) (FDA 21 CFR 177.2415). In our portfolio we have a range of adapter and process connections that conform to FDA standards. They ensure hygienic installation, and are easily cleaned and sterilized.

Electronic circuits, PLCs, relays or contactors can be activated directly by capacitive sensors.

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