Teaching capacitive sensors with magnets … A novel attractive idea

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors, Inductive Sensors on June 15th, 2012

Another first from RECHNER. The new capacitive EasyMount sensors provide some advantages for the user.

The sensor is small, just 30 mm in diameter. The sensing distance is taught with a magnet that is supplied with the sensor. The teaching is done with RECHNER’s EasyTeach philosophy. This means all you have to do is hold the magnet close to the sensor, wait for the desired option and remove the magnet. That’s all!

The sensor has no moving parts. The electronic parts of the sensor are embedded in polyamide and it is absolutely watertight (IP68).

The name EasyMount already indicates that it is easy to mount the sensor. The simplest way is fixing it by using a cable tie or snap it on to a standard profile rail. Other options are available with a range of adapters. The capacitive EasyMount sensor is for 10…35 VDC supply voltage and there are variants for NPN or PNP normally open or normally closed output.

And for those that prefer remote adjustment there is a version with EasyTeach by wire.

Capacitive EasyMount sensors from RECHNER really are an easy way to control the level of liquids or bulk materials.

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