Rechner OfficeRechner Sensors is based in Lampertheim, Germany and has been producing sensors since 1965. Through the development and production of innovative products, Rechner has become the worldwide leader in capacitance sensing products.

In addition to capacitive products, Rechner also produces inductive, opto-electronic, calorimetric and magneto-resistive sensors. There are also a large number of hazardous area sensors for use in explosive environments. Most have IECEx certification which is often essential for use in Australia.

Pacific Automation

PA OfficeRechner Sensors are distributed throughout Australia by Pacific Automation. Pacific Automation was founded in 1969 and is based in Perth, Western Australia and is a leading supplier of automation and electrical control products.

Pacific Automation has been distributing Rechner products since 2007 and have extensive experience with the entire range and keep stock of the most common products in their WA warehouse.