Teaching capacitive sensors with magnets … A novel attractive idea

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors, Inductive Sensors on June 15th, 2012

Another first from RECHNER. The new capacitive EasyMount sensors provide some advantages for the user.

The sensor is small, just 30 mm in diameter. The sensing distance is taught with a magnet that is supplied with the sensor. The teaching is done with RECHNER’s EasyTeach philosophy. This means all you have to do is hold the magnet close to the sensor, wait for the desired option and remove the magnet. That’s all!

The sensor has no moving parts. The electronic parts of the sensor are embedded in polyamide and it is absolutely watertight (IP68).

The name EasyMount already indicates that it is easy to mount the sensor. The simplest way is fixing it by using a cable tie or snap it on to a standard profile rail. Other options are available with a range of adapters. The capacitive EasyMount sensor is for 10…35 VDC supply voltage and there are variants for NPN or PNP normally open or normally closed output.

And for those that prefer remote adjustment there is a version with EasyTeach by wire.

Capacitive EasyMount sensors from RECHNER really are an easy way to control the level of liquids or bulk materials.

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Rechner Sensors White Paper

Posted in: Announcements on June 1st, 2012


Pacific Automation recently completed a technical white paper on the use of sensors to reduce the risk of combustion in hazardous dust environments.

The paper is entitled “Sensor Technology for Combustible Dust Environments” and is now available for download and printing.

Click here to get your copy

For more information about Rechner Sensors please contact one of the Technical Specialists at Pacific Automation on +61 (0)8 9414 7999 or email

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LevelMaster – A Capacitive Level Sensor Detect Conductive And Adhesive Products

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors on April 30th, 2012

RECHNER Sensors have designed a new level control sensor to deal with the problems of conductive, adhesive liquids or pastes, in many cases a challenge for the manufacturers of these kinds of products. The LeveMaster sensor replaces the expensive and complex measuring systems frequently employed today to solve these measuring problems. The capacitive LevelMaster sensors are designed for the detection of liquids with a dielectric constant (DC) Er of > 1,25.

For the LevelMaster sensors the dielectric constant of the product is the focus of attention. For this reason it is important for the actual detection that the active surface of the sensor (PEEK tip) is in direct contact with the product to be detected. The sensor tip must be totally immersed in the product.

The LevelMaster Sensors are equipped with our proven EasyTeach Function. Both variants are available:

ET = EasyTeach by buttom
ETW = EasyTeach by wire

With EasyTeach the sensitivity adjustment for each application, is very easy and user-friendly, hence the name!

The capacitive LevelMaster sensors will reliably detect the level or existence of liquids, pastes or syrups, in containers, tube systems or pipelines. The wide range of possible applications would include the protection of pumps against running dry.
A wide variety of products can be detected. Examples are:

  • Vegetable oil, mineral oil
  • Vinegar, alcohol, water, beer, syrup, fruit concentrate. Even the foam of such products can be detected.
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
  • Many others

The same Rechner sensor will work with all the different materials listed above. It is not necessary do order different variants of sensors for the various products. This is a further plus factor in comparison to capacitive sensors currently available on the market. The advantages are obvious, safety of measurement, easy handling and moreover less stock holding.

The housing design complies with EHEDG requirements. The materials used are stainless steel (VA), material no. 1.4305 and Polyetheretherketon (PEEK) (FDA 21 CFR 177.2415). In our portfolio we have a range of adapter and process connections that conform to FDA standards. They ensure hygienic installation, and are easily cleaned and sterilized.

Electronic circuits, PLCs, relays or contactors can be activated directly by capacitive sensors.

Click Here for Technical specifications

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Capacitive Sensors With Relay Output

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors on February 19th, 2010

Rechner’s Series 95 capacitive sensors with relay output are incredibly versatile level probes. The universal supply voltage range from 20…250 V AC/DC, the simple mounting and installation and the potential-free relay output are all key benefits for the user. Further advantages are provided by the integrated intelligent micro controller technology. This allows various options, like adjustable time relay (from 1 sec. up to 10 min.) and changeable on- or off-delay.

Rechner’s High Performance Technology is also incorporated into these sensors guaranteeing the best in quality and reliability. Moreover the sensors have a low power consumption of only 2 mA.

The sensors are available with body sizes of M 30 × 1.5, M 32 × 1.5 and in a slightly tapered smooth bodied sensor 32 mm in diameter.

The sensors are now available in PBT housings as well as the existing POM units. The PBT bodies also have similar excellent mechanical characteristics. The material used is flame-retardant and corresponds to the UL/CSA directives. The price benefit for PBT over the POM body is a welcome additional benefit for the user.

A PG36 pressure type connection is available as an accessory. The sensors can be connected to PLC’s or the user can connect directly for control purposes to a max. 1 A.

KAS 95 Series

Inductive sensors for 150°C and 180°C Ambient Temperature

Posted in: Inductive Sensors on February 19th, 2010

The new inductive sensors from Rechner can be used for detection of metal objects in ambient temperatures of 150°C and 180°C. The electronics are self contained within the housing, like all conventional inductive sensors. This means with these sensors a separate evaluation unit is no longer required.

The sensors are available in the body sizes M 12 × 1, M 18 × 1 and M 30 × 1,5. Power supply 10…35 V DC. The sensors are available in both flush mounting and for non-flush mounting metal bodies.

High Temp Inductive Sensors

Capacitive Sensors – EasyTeach – With Clear Text Display

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors on February 19th, 2010

The 26 series from Rechner was originally designed to cope with the problems of very adhesive products. It turns out that these sensors have excellent characteristics for general use in level control. Typically they overcome the problems caused by products sticking to the sensor and the need for continual re-adjustment.

The semiround sensor tip is a striking feature of this series. The electronics are based on RECHNER’s High Performance Technology and guarantees high quality and reliability. The sensors are available with various process connections, such as Triclamp, G1“ and M22.

Now this series has been extended with the new Easy Teach range. This new range has housing lengths that can reach deeper into the containers. These sensors have a G1½“ process connection. Thanks to the EasyTeach function the adjustment is made with just one push button. The clear text display assist with the adjustment. These capacitive level sensors are available up to 2000 mm in length.

Like the rest of the 26 family they are suitable for use in both wet and dry areas. They are ideal for use in industries such as the chemical industry or food processing.

Series 26 Easy Touch

Capacitive AC/DC Sensor with Programmable NO or NC Function

Posted in: Capacitive Sensors on February 19th, 2010

Rechner Sensors have introduced a new capacitive proximity sensor with universal supply voltage range from 20…250 V AD/DC and a plug connector, in which the output function, normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), is programmable. This reduces spare parts inventories as one sensor is capable of replacing a number of other sensors.

The sensors are available with the option of a straight or angled connector. Additional advantages result from the integrated microcontroller technology, for example a fixed time delay which can be either on and off delay.

The sensor is designed for non-flush mounting and the body is in standard size M30 × 1.5. A universal capacitive level sensor providing interesting options for the user.