Long Range Capacitive Sensors

Rechner produces a line of capacitive sensors capable of sensing materials over extremely long distances. They are comprised of a sensor (KXS), and an evaluation unit (KXA) and are available in a number of configurations.

The KXS sensors are based on a different measuerment principle than standard capacitive sensors. The Three-Electrode-Pricinple (as used in Capacitive Level Meausrement) adds an electrode to the outside of the sensor which leaves the two internal electrodes for sensing. A remote KXA evaluation unit houses the electronics that analyse the sensor input.

Certain evaluation units have the ability to provide up to three outputs from a single sensor. This feature can be used in a number of scenarios such as bottle filling where the evaluation unit would not only be able to detect a bottle, but also determine if it was full or empty.

Advantages of Long Range Capacitive Sensors:
  • Ability to sense up to 10 times the distance of a standard capacitive sensor.
  • Available in sizes from M5 to M32.
  • Able to detect very small changes in capacity.
  • Remote electronics mean the sensors are suitable for high temperature areas of up to 250°C (Ceramic sensor capable of up to 800°C).
  • Up to three adjustable switching points in one sensor.

More Information

For more information please see the PDF catalogue or contact one of our distributors.